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ClarityCap has been manufacturing high quality audio grade capacitors for over 30 years and more and more people are appreciating the difference that a ClarityCap capacitor makes to sound quality.

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ClarityCap joins the "Made in Britain" campaign

Latest News: ClarityCap joins the "Made in Britain" campaign


ClarityCap are proud to have manufactured high quality audio grade metallised film capacitors for use in audiophile applications in the UK for 40 years. The ‘Made in Britain’ marque is designed to highlight the exceptional capabilities of British manufacturing and assure our worldwide customers of ClarityCap's long held commitment to...


TC Range now available at 450V and 600V

Latest News: TC Range now available at 450V and 600V


The TC range of power supply capacitors have been extended to 450v and 600V. These new variants utilise our latest research to offer unprecedented energy density combined with ultra low ESR's at common valve amplifier voltages. To further enhance the performance of this exceptional capacitor we have introduced four terminal variants. This technique...


Latest News: MR & ESA 630V ranges extended to 10nF


With the greater use of high frequency bypass capacitors in high end audio electronics and loud speaker cross over filters ClarityCap have extended the the hugely popular MR and ESA capacitor ranges to offer capacitance as low as 10nF (0.010uF) . In engineering a bypass capacitor it is important to understand its the function When filtering high...


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