ClarityCap capacitors used in loudspeakers

ClarityCap have been at the forefront of high end audio for over 30 years. Our superior quality, audio grade capacitors are recognised the world over for their performance, consistency and musicality.


Capacitors are a vital element of any passive loudspeaker crossover. Correct capacitor choice is critical to ensure a filter design which is flat in amplitude and uniform in phase. Polypropylene capacitors designed with specific ESR and ESL characteristics can greatly enhance a crossover’s performance and balance the whole loud speaker sound.

Valve Amplifiers

ClarityCap capacitors used in valve amplifiers

Power supplies in all high end audio equipment require great attention to detail. Value amplifiers typically operate at elevated voltages which makes power supply smoothing even more critical. ClarityCap TC capacitors offer high voltage operation with exceptionally low ESR and ESL, ensuring minimal supply ripple voltage even in demanding periods of low frequency playback when other technologies can be struggle to maintain the voltage rail.

Signal paths benefit from the use of ClarityCap products in much the same way as in loudspeaker crossovers. In addition low capacitance, high frequency bypass capacitors such as those offered in ESA and MR are often used to enhance signal response.


Low level signals are particularly susceptible to noise. Phono-amps and pre amps use high quality components to ensure small signals are preserved and uncoloured prior to amplification. ClarityCap products are used extensively by those who recognise the benefit of the highest quality raw materials and carefully controlled manufacturing processes.


ClarityCap capacitors used in pro audio equipment

ClarityCap products are not just used by high end audio component manufacturers. Pro-audio manufacturers have long recognised the outstanding qualities of our products too, our capacitors can be found in everything from mixing desks to theatres and sports stadiums.

Guitar Amplifiers

A product that deliberately introduces distortion and feedback might not appear to be the most obvious place to find ClarityCap products, but of course the important factor for any designer of high quality equipment is specification, consistency and quality. The very same properties that we always strive to achieve. Our capacitors are found at the heart of several highly regarded guitar amplifier designs.