Power Supply Capacitors

(Posted on 28/01/13)

Power Supply Capacitors

ClarityCap launch a new range of high energy density power supply capacitors for use in tube amplifiers. The TC range of power supply capacitors have been specially developed to offer a direct alternative to electrolytic capacitors in power supply applications. Film capacitors offer several key advantages over electrolytic capacitors in this critical circuit location:

1) The ESR (Equivalent Series Resistance) of a film capacitor is many times lower than an electrolytic. This enables the capacitor to remain charged at all times and to quickly deliver higher peak power when required.

2) The ESL (Equivalent Series Inductance) of a film capacitor is many times lower than an electrolytic. This reduces distortion and phase shift and ensures that there are no delays or ringing in response to step changes in demand on the capacitor.

3) A film capacitor is non-polarized ensuring simplified assembly.

4) Film capacitors have extended lifetimes when compared to electrolytic capacitors, producing peak performance for longer. Loss of capacitance and increasing ESR  can cause degradation of performance in systems that are made to work hard.

 5) The TC range is available for nominal operating voltages from 700-1800Vdc, eliminating the requirement for complex series parallel connection and balancing resistor networks.