We’ve taken the science behind Audio performance very seriously for over 25 years. During that time we’ve carefully researched, tested and verified the performance of our products, with leading Universities and respected audio industry figures, only launching new products when we are able to contribute tangible benefits. It is over 8 years since we introduced the highly regarded MR and ESA lines and improving on something that is already exceptional has taken time.

Claritycap’s unique CopperConnect technology addresses a hitherto under explored area of audio capacitor performance. Dielectric, electrode and lead wire materials have all been extensively optimised over the years. Connection of capacitor electrodes to the leads has always relied on thermal arc spray of tin-zinc, which results in hundreds of thousands of oxidised grain boundaries introducing; distortion and phase shifts at boundary crossings and increasing propagation impedance with diameter. CopperConnect technology introduces an embedded copper lattice to the end connection, dramatically reducing grain boundary crossings and signal path resistance, freeing capacitor designs achieve new levels of audio performance.

Taking inspiration from the highly regarded MR range, the CMR employs the same micro-phonics series film construction and acrylic tube damping. CopperConnect technology dramatically reduces grain boundary crossings in the end connection and enables designs to employ narrower films for reduced capacitor ESR without introducing the corollary increase in end connection impedance. The philosophy of eliminating as many crystal boundaries as possible is extended to the use of premium grade 1.0mm2 tinned oxygen free copper leads.

We are confident you’ll agree ClarityCap’s commitment to innovation has once again raised the bar for audiophile film capacitor performance.

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Traditional Vs CopperConnect

Size Chart


Cap (nF/µF) L (mm) D (mm)
2.2µF 35 38
2.7µF 35 38
3.0µF 35 38
3.3µF 35 38
3.9µF 50 38
4.7µF 50 38
5.6µF 50 38
6.2µF 40 60
6.8µF 40 60
8.2µF 40 60
10.0µF 40 60
12.0µF 50 60
15.0µF 50 60
16.0µF 50 60
18.0µF 50 60
22.0µF 65 60
27.0µF 65 60
35.0µF 85 60


Cap (nF/µF) L (mm) D (mm)
100nF 27 38
150nF 27 38
220nF 27 38
330nF 27 38
470nF 35 38
680nF 35 38
820nF 35 38
1.0µF 35 38
1.2µF 40 38
1.3µF 40 38
1.5µF 40 38
1.8µF 40 60
2.2µF 40 60
2.7µF 40 60
3.0µF 40 60
3.3µF 40 60
3.9µF 40 60
4.7µF 40 60
5.6µF 50 60
6.2µF 38 45
6.8µF 50 60
8.2µF 65 60
10.0µF 65 60
12.0µF 65 60
15.0µF 85 60
16.0µF 85 60
18.0µF 85 60

Intermediate values are available upon request.

Component Outline

CMR Component Outline

Ordering Details

CMR 5u6 H 630V

CMR Type 5u6 Capacitance in nF/µF
H Tolerance (3%) 630V Rated dc voltage (see size chart)

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