TC Range now available at 450V and 600V

(Posted on 15/10/13)

TC Range now available at 450V and 600V

The TC range of power supply capacitors have been extended to 450v and 600V. These new variants utilise our latest research to offer unprecedented energy density combined with ultra low ESR's at common valve amplifier voltages.

To further enhance the performance of this exceptional capacitor we have introduced four terminal variants. This technique was incorporated in some electrolytic designs many years ago to overcome the high impedance of the capacitor and terminals at higher audio frequencies. Use of four terminal electrolytic capacitors have long been recognised as a valid noise reduction technique in high end audio power supply designs. When correctly connected to the DC rails the input and output current paths are guaranteed to pass through the capacitor greatly enhance high frequency filtering ensuring a cleaner supply voltage for high end audio equipment. Film capacitors have impedances that are at least an order of magnitude lower than electrolytics but still benefit from the additional filtering gained by a four terminal design.

Why not incorporate the ClarityCap TC range into your next power supply design, we are confident you will hear the difference!

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